Aloevera tears running down my face

directedbyyeezus asked:

I was at a party and i was pretty buzzed when a friend quietly asked me, "Would you eat ass?" I was staring at the ground and I leaned back and loudly said, "I would eat ass." and a girl near heard me and looked me dead in the eye to say, "I want my ass eaten." I laughed and took five shots of tequila. I blacked out because the sobriety stint fucked my tolerance. I woke up in the same room as her. She left quickly before I really woke up and I noticed I had a really odd taste in my mouth.



oscob….. he just gets me you know.

Anonymous asked:

what do you think of pc music? i saw you posted the kanye west song earlier

I honestly didn’t even know that was a thing, I looked at it and thought it was pretty cool but I was a little confused by it

Anonymous asked:

what time will the stream start for the people on the west coast?


icegoon asked:

I know but strippers really know how to make a man feel good, like they got a mouth piece and Ive never met a women who could do that without having to pay her. Even if I paid a girl to do that and she wasnt a stripper she'd probably have ass it. Idgaf, Im on my Drake shit, fallin in love with strippers. Im going back next week, my paychecks gonna be fat.

I have absolutely no problems with strippers, hell some get paid more than doctors and I think that is fucking G

but remember, you pay them to make you feel good, it’s not really from the heart man 

but I aint judging, you do you drizzy

compilingautumn asked:

Your blog is really just, I just wanted to say that, lol


sc00gle420 asked:

Man I just got around to listening to Virtual High Five all the way through and it's so nice. I'm looking forward to VHR.

fuck yeah thanks fam!

alex artfluids said he likes VHR better than VHF so get hype!

directedbyyeezus asked:

Would you get your ass eaten?

you act like I haven’t 

icegoon asked:

And we've been texting and I can tell that she just wants me to come in and drop hella dough on her, and its funny cause Im just teasing her now. Two days later, I put in an application to be a DJ at the same Strip Club, gotta infiltrate this from the inside.

"I can tell that she just wants me to come in and drop hella dough on her"

dont’cha think that’s kinda a red flag?

icegoon asked:

Last week I went to the strip club by myself just to flex, and I was really needing some good love and attention from an asian shawty. So I picked out this thai chick named. "Thai" and she brought me to the back, I had about four lap dances from her. We talked about music and fashion it was a pretty ideal conversation tbh. Ive ALWAYS wanted a girl that could give me a good lapdance, I'd rather get lapdances than fuck honestly. But I digress. When I told her I was leaving she gave me her number.

you have the best fucking stories icegoon

but bro the stripclup aint the place to find love

uncrucified-christ asked:

Debating calling in sick to be in the tinychat...

you gotta ask yourself what is more important

and the answer is obviously the tinychat

lentic-catachresis asked:

always thought the pilotwings 64 soundtrack was pretty vapourwave

never listened to it, but I’ll check it out


ok who was the ass who took down the text?

ok who was the ass who took down the text?

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poisonplaygrounds asked:

fuuuck the wait is killing me too. what got u into mortuary science?

I worked in a funeral home for a year and it was easily my favorite job, I never felt more at place